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Refresh & Recycling for Remote Workers

The Full Circle Electronics team helps customers verify recovery of remote assets and certify the destruction of data contained on those assets.

We have worked with UPS and Fedex to pickup and deliver from geographically diverse locations right to our door.

Our certified facilities track your assets through every stage and provide you not only with documentation of certificated destruction, but an environmental ‘insurance policy’ that assets are being recycled responsibly..

Simple, Secure, Sustainable

Easy Shipping

You control communication with your employees or remote customers, followed by delivery of shipping box with preprinted uniquely identified label. They box it and ship it.

Receive Verify and Secure

Data processing – we verify & document unique label information, receive date, asset information, hard drive serialization.

The hard drive is prepped for data destruction per NIST 800-88.

Data Destroyed and Documented

Data is destroyed with an independent record for each asset

Non data containing assets are recycled to R2 v3 (Responsible Recycling) as demanded by US government


Transforming to a sustainable world involves more than just enabling a circular economy, which recycling is an important part.

Members of the United Nations recognized that every aspect of the human condition also needed to be addressed. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals are a blueprint for a better and more sustainable future for all of us to live. These goals go beyond addressing the earth’s natural resources. They also address poverty, inequity, climate change, degradation of the earth, and societal fairness.

The family of Full Circle Electronics’ companies also fully embrace the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We are actively advancing a sustainable circular economy, improving the lives of our employees, and building a more equitable future by supporting the following SDG goals:

Our partners trust us to recycle responsibly already and they can also trust us to support their corporate sustainability initiatives as well.




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