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Data Centers

What's happening in Data Centers?

Data destruction is essential for any organization in the IT industry. With data breaches on the rise, data destruction services are becoming increasingly important and can reduce the risk associated with data loss.

Whether you need to eliminate retired hardware or require regular data cleansing solutions, data destruction services provide secure and certified data erasure solutions that can help businesses maintain data integrity of sensitive company information.

Operational Risks

Companies and government organizations are vulnerable to data breaches that result from inadequate data destruction methods such as wiping data, data erasure, hard drive shredding, overwriting data with junk information, physical destruction of data-storing media and purge solutions.

Regular data audits of backups, review of storage mechanisms used for data archiving and tracking who has accessed data are also important practices that can help reduce the risk of a data disaster.

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What your team can do

Information technology professionals must remain vigilant in their data destruction operations to avoid data compromise from those wishing to do ill with the data entrusted to their care.

  • Implement policies and procedures concerning the handling and storage of sensitive data are established
  • Communicate clearly with staff on storage mechanisms used for data archiving and tracking who has access to decommissioned data

Full Circle Electronics Services

Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling, also known as e-waste recycling, is the process of collecting, dismantling and disposing of unwanted electronics in a safe, responsible manner.
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Data Destruction

Avoid a federal lawsuit that can impact client trust. We are certified in data destruction and capable of ensuring all legal requirements are met for the safe destruction of HIPAA, GLB, SOX, and FERPA compiled data.
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IT Asset Disposition

Obsolete or unused IT equipment has to go somewhere. If your company is ready to start the decommissioning process, our IT Asset Disposition Service is an ITAD recycling service solution specifically for those looking to decommission and recycle IT assets.
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ITAR Recycling Services

While companies rigorously apply these regulations in the development and release of new technology and products, these regulations also apply to IT asset waste streams. ITAR Recycling Services ensure your materials are securely restricted and properly destroyed per federal ITAR requirements.
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Asset Remarketing

Equipment remarketing is the highest form of recycling and allows a company to recoup a percentage of revenue back from depreciated assets which otherwise are no longer providing a service.
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Product Destruction

The safest and best way to eliminate unwanted inventory without risking your brand’s reputation is to destroy the excess inventory through a certified vendor. 
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Auditing and Reporting

Keeping up with records doesn’t have to be a chore. We help manage company or organizational assets and provide a Certificate of Recycling as proof of proper disposal and recycling.
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Recycling Certifications

Fully certified to safely and securely recycle your electronics.
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