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Electronics Recycling for Healthcare

Uphold HIPAA compliance

What's happening in Healthcare?

Healthcare data destruction is a vital process in not only protecting organizational data, but from the potential of data breaches. With data accumulations continuing at such a rapid pace, data destruction practices are playing a critical role in health data security. Not only do data destruction methods help organizations securely manage their data accumulation but also reduce their risk of liability for data breaches due to mishandled data from retired electronics.

Operational Risks

When confidential data is not destroyed properly and in a timely manner, it can create data vulnerabilities that could lead to data theft, cyber attacks, and financial losses for healthcare organizations. Additionally, if healthcare data destruction procedures are not compliant with industry or governmental regulations, the organization can face fines or reputational harm.

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What your team can do

Data destruction helps limit data exposure by erasing any data that is present on medical hardware and electronic media, thus reducing the likelihood of data ending up in the wrong hands.

  • Dispose hard drives and other electronic forms of data in a way that prevents any possibility of data breach or resurfacing of the data
  • Use robust policies and processes for data destruction and ensuring their teams are trained in best practices related to data disposal

Electronics Recycling Services

Data Destruction

Avoid a federal lawsuit that can impact client trust. We are R2:2013 certified in data destruction capable of serving all legal requirements for the safe destruction of HIPAA, GLB, SOX, and FERPA compiled data.
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Electronics Recycling

Electronics recycling, also known as e-waste recycling, is the process of collecting, dismantling and disposing of unwanted electronics in a safe, responsible manner.
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IT Asset Disposition

Obsolete or unused IT equipment has to go somewhere. If your company is ready to start the decommissioning process, our IT Asset Disposition Service is an ITAD recycling service solution specifically for those looking to decommission and recycle IT assets.
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Auditing and Reporting

Keeping up with records doesn’t have to be a chore. We help manage company or organizational assets and provide a Certificate of Recycling as proof of proper disposal and recycling.
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Frequently asked questions

You have questions about electronic recycling, and we have answers. Don't see the answer to your question? Contact us and let's get the conversation started!

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At Full Circle Electronics Group, we ensure that all sensitive data is securely erased before recycling electronics by following industry-standard data destruction practices. We physically destroy hard drives or use software to overwrite them multiple times with random data. We also establish a chain of custody for devices containing sensitive information and document the entire data destruction process. Our unique 5 Point Destruction Process will always put your company’s security first.

  1. Vet: Vetted professionals will pick up all equipment set for decommissioning.
  2. Deliver: Our team will deliver all equipment to our secure facility.
  3. Track: We will serialize and inventory all equipment to ensure proper tracking.
  4. Cleanse: All equipment data is degaussed and corrupted.
  5. Certify: We will provide your business with a certificate of destruction.

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Full Circle Electronics Group and its locations hold several certifications, including R2, FERPA, HIPAA compliance, and ISO 14001, 45001, and 9001 certifications that demonstrate our commitment to responsible electronic waste disposal practices. These certifications require us to adhere to strict standards related to environmental protection, worker health and safety, and data security. Contact us for more information.

To track and document the disposal of decommissioned electronics, Full Circle Electronics Group implements asset tracking systems that record information about each device throughout its lifecycle, from procurement to disposal. This documentation helps businesses comply with regulations related to data privacy and environmental protection while also mitigating potential legal liabilities. Contact us for more information.

Full Circle Electronics Group helps organizations establish a comprehensive solution for recycling and remarketing retired electronics can help you recover costs, ensure secure data destruction, and maximize the value of your retired devices. We may offer buyback or trade-in programs for certain devices or materials such as precious metals like gold or silver found in circuit boards. Contact us for confirmation and more information.

At Full Circle Electronics Group, we work closely with businesses to develop customized electronics recycling programs that meet their needs and goals while balancing environmental responsibility, data security, and cost-effectiveness. Our expertise includes secure data destruction protocols, clear chain-of-custody procedures, and asset tracking systems that allow for efficient disposal while maximizing the recovery of valuable materials. Contact us for more information.

Recycling Certifications

Fully certified to safely and securely recycle your electronics.
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Our Goal

With decades of industry expertise, our in-house de-manufacturing and processing methods help us maintain our status as an industry leader. The company’s certified destruction capabilities efficiently serve the needs of Fortune 100 companies requiring the safe destruction of data and materials. Our specialized knowledge of constantly evolving industries means you can rest assured that your equipment will be handled with care from start to finish.

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