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Asset Remarketing

What is Asset Remarketing?

IT Asset Remarketing is the process of selling or repurposing used or outdated IT equipment, such as computers, servers, and networking devices. This involves refurbishing and upgrading the equipment to extend its lifespan, and then finding a new buyer for it. The goal of IT Asset Remarketing is to recover some of the value from the old equipment while also reducing waste and promoting sustainability.

Who it impacts

Many companies have unused, obsolete and depreciated assets taking up valuable space in their facilities. These organizations will benefit from partnering with a certified electronics remarketer who can help them reduce storage costs and recoup value from their equipment, while ensuring data security. There’s also the additional benefit of participating in a circular economy!

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What you can do

To better prepare for equipment remarketing services and ensure your organization is maximizing value across the board, start taking certain steps today.

    These steps include:

  • Taking an inventory of unused, obsolete, and unwanted assets
  • Finding a remarketing partner. It's important to prioritize companies that provide additional electronics services to ensure assets are handled properly and there's a clean chain-of-custody

How we can help

Equipment remarketing is the highest form of recycling and allows a company to recoup a percentage of revenue back from depreciated assets which otherwise are no longer providing a service. Our team of remarketing experts would love to discuss your equipment and make you an offer. Once the items are received by the Full Circle Electronics team, your surplus equipment will be processed.

Our process for remarketing assets includes the following services:

  • Transportation (optional)
  • Asset Tracking
  • Data Destruction & Sanitization
  • Audit Report

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