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ITAR Recycling Services

What is ITAR Recycling Services?

ITAR (International Traffic in Arms Regulations) regulations govern the access and export of US defense and military technology. While companies rigorously apply these regulations in the development and release of new technology and products, these regulations also apply to IT asset waste streams. ITAR Recycling Services ensure your materials are securely restricted and properly destroyed per federal ITAR requirements.

Who it impacts

Manufacturers and suppliers of US defense and military technology, in the form of products or services, must abide by ITAR requirements. Thus, all manufacturers of electronic hardware or products that are governed by ITAR must seek out ITAR registered companies for their electronic recycling needs.

What you can do

While your company has thoroughly applied ITAR regulations in the development and release of new technology and products, it’s essential your organization takes the necessary steps to comply with ITAR regulations in the management of your IT waste streams.

    To ensure proper ITAR electronics recycling, companies governed by ITAR should:

  • Verify which items require ITAR specific recycling (a great recycling partner can help with this step)
  • Find an ITAR Registered company providing secure recycling services
  • Prioritize a vendor that will own the process from the pickup to the final disposition of your electronics and/or materials
  • Obtain Certificates of Recycling and/or Certificates of Destruction

How we can help

Our ITAR Recycling process is comprised of trained personnel with security reviews, chain-of-custody logistics, operational controls, and experienced data destruction professionals. ITAR Recycling Services include the following:

  • Logistics
  • Data Destruction & Sanitization
  • Certificates of Destruction

Using our ITAR Recycling services means we do the work for you. Customers can be confident that all recycling services will be done properly and, as it applies to your circuit boards, we meet the requirements by cutting and smelting your waste, obsolete, or scrap boards.

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