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Product Destruction

What is Product Destruction?

Product destruction is the safe, secure disposal of unwanted inventory that cannot return to the marketplace. Proper product destruction ensures that recalled, defective, or expired products will not be misused or land in the wrong hands.

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Who it impacts

The proper destruction of unwanted inventory is essential to any company’s brand. When finished goods are found to be damaged, outdated, defective, or recalled for safety reasons, it becomes critical for companies to remove consumer access to these products and protect their brand from negative repercussions. To do this, companies must prevent additional products from reaching the marketplace and destroy any products that are already in circulation.

Any company looking to safely and securely destroy unwanted inventory should find a certified vendor for product destruction.

What you can do

Many companies that produce or store goods for sale eventually run into problems storing products that are old, no longer supported or sold, or worse, defective. Often, storage is not a practical, let alone desirable, solution. However, disposing of branded products through traditional waste management systems is risky as these items often enter the grey market. The safest and best way to eliminate unwanted inventory without risking your brand’s reputation is to destroy the excess inventory through a certified vendor.

    To ensure safe and secure product destruction:

  • Find a vendor who provides certified product destruction
  • Look for vendors that have a secure chain of custody to ensure products are monitored throughout the process
  • Prioritize vendors that provide in-house product destruction to mitigate brand and reputational risks

How we can help

Our secure destruction solutions provide you with peace of mind that your recalled, defective, or expired products will not be misused or land in the wrong hands. Unlike other companies, we destroy all products delivered to us in-house. We do not resell our inventory to third-party recyclers who take your products abroad. This allows us to certify destruction and provide a clear chain of custody for your products.

Our team provides the following services and offerings for product destruction:

  • Secure Facility with 24-hour Surveillance
  • Scheduled Deliveries
  • Certificate of Destruction by Shipment – Details products destroyed and method of destruction
  • Video Evidence of Destruction (optional)
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