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Our Mission for Sustainability & Equity

Leading recycling in the United States, Mexico, and Colombia, we understand the impact of reusing electronics and recycling electronic waste.

Our Commitment

Full Circle Electronics Group is a family of companies committed to the safe and secure processing of the rapidly growing electronic waste generated by today’s lifestyle.

To support sustainability, Full Circle Electronics Group collects, processes, and returns useable equipment and commodities back into the market from electronic waste streams. We are proudly certified to serve U.S. recycling and international quality standards.

Sustainable Development Goals

We are fully committed to adopting the United Nations sustainability goals.

Advance a sustainable circular cconomy

We are an integral part of the circular economy and thus have a unique position to protect and enrich our planet. As an electronic recycler, we embed sustainability and ethical environmental practices into our operations. We also challenge ourselves to continually innovate and improve our practices and operations. We are looking to lead.

Improve the lives of our employees

We recognize that providing meaningful and stable work to our employees is core to them achieving their full human potential. By adopting a culture of growth and embracing positive change, our business can offer long-term growth opportunities for our employees.

Build a more equitable future

Full circle Electronics Group believes in equitable treatment for all and embraces, encourages, and utilizes the talents of our team. We have a culture of diversity and inclusion and will continue to support our vision within our organization, and with others as well.

Our Sustainable Circular Economy

With our diverse team, knowledge and capabilities, Full Circle Electronics Group has the culture, skill, and expertise to successfully address sustainability issues and positively drive the change to a circular economy.

Join Our Mission

We are committed to giving back to the local communities we serve. That’s why we collect, process, and return usable equipment and commodities back into the market. Full Circle Electronics Group’s retail arm provides access to previously-owned electronic equipment and laptops to those who would otherwise be unable to achieve such accessibility.

Learn More About Our Mission
  • "Helping others in our local communities is a priority for Full Circle and for me, as its CEO. We are proud and grateful to be a stronghold in our communities and to have the opportunity to help others achieve digital literacy using refurbished technology. A refurbished laptop is a game changer for those who can’t typically get one due to high costs or inventory."